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How does RTD Work

How Resistance temperature detector works? Post by JG The most popular RTD is PT-100, Platinum 100 Ohms, As all Metals have a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. The Resistance of RTD increases with rise in...


How to Connect RTD to transmitter

Can you explain me were i have to conect the three cables of the PT100 in the Circuit RTD-Pt-100-Transmitter Circuit? RTD PT100 Transmitter and Multiplexer Comment from CV of Spain You have a three...


Comparison of Thermocouple and RTD

message: what is the pros and cons of rtd,over thermocouple Mail from MU Read the pages in links below, that ought to clarify your doubts. Last edited February 16, 2007 RTD-TC-Compare Comparison of Thermistors,...