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8254 Programmable Interval Timer Counter

I am doing final year b.tech, i am doing project on 8254 controller. please can u give me information about it. -thanks in advance. from SA  8254 Timer and Counter Board – This is a photo...


Isolated RS232 interface to Microcontroller

I’ve seen on the net the schematics for RS232 with Opto-Isolation. The supply on the PC side is from the PC. The supply from the line side is external? I’ve seen the 3 connectors...


uC Board is Buggy on Brown Out

I’m working on a project which involves battery  Ni-Mh 4×1.2v, 2100mAh], which power-ups the boards. The current consumption is about 150mA. Now what I wish to do is disconect the load when my battery...