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Hobby DIY Circuits

delabs has Social Spaces for DIY hobby. join here to share your projects or discuss about it.

Hobby DIY Electronics Space - Do-It-Yourself Electronic Projects. Schematics and HowTo.

Amateur Radio Space - Ham radio, Radio frequency messages, Morse Code, QRP, Hobby.

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Hobby Do It Yourself Electronics

A Typical Hardware Hobby Enthusiast is a Hacker when he starts learning, it is sometimes given the name of reverse engineering in another context. The Hardware Hobby Freelance hacker is better off, he is doing it for Learning and Education. Students should be given new and challenging projects in well equipped labs, to augment their skills and make them productive in their jobs from day one.

We all learn by breaking up things, to see how it works, then Fix things around Home etc. Later Create and Innovate perhaps, that's the way to go. To Invent something someday. Here are some people doing just that, inspire you to create useful things for your Home. We should never become over dependent on others for everything, this will erode our knowledge base, skills and freedom.

These circuits are not exactly hobby in that sense, it is a Instrumentation hobby circuits page

Hobby Electronic Lab Things

Hobby Electronics at delabs

Some were later improved and manufactured too, some remained a home project. Some ideas were given to others for manufacturing in their firms.

In the late nineties and the early 2000. There were Hobby DIY Groups, Ham Radio Groups and Learning Electronics Communities. Hackerspaces by function, may be as old as technology itself. People working in a garage or shop to learn skills or build-invent something, but with different names like "Metal Tinkering Club" etc..

Learning Embedded Systems

Things are easier than before, there is so much more you can do with this. Starting with a Embedded Project with a 8051 type of uC is easy. A PC USB interface for testing your code. Analog Interface is good for trying out Measurement or Robotic Projects.

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