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Winding Transformers and Coils

i would need your help in designing transformers for rechargeable lamps. i really don’t understand what the dots in front a coil stands for. all help (including pictures) would be really appreciated. my own...


Lighting a LED String – Serial Drive

Hi there, my name is steve. I would like to ask you about the best way or the most efficient way to supply LEDs. there are 36 small LEDs or 72 small LEDs (5mm)....


CFL Lamps and Simple Inverter

Kindly help me make one issue devoted to—— CFL Ballast Circuits—-viz. circuits to drive a 5/7/9 / 11W….upto 18 watts CFL from a 6 volts / 12v DC battery, or Solar Panel,(or 220 volts...