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Flashing LEDs Electronic Kit

Flashing LEDs Electronic Kit– ApogeeKits created the Flashing LED’s electronic kit AMK102B as an entry level introduction to electronic kit building. This


World of Heathkit do-it-yourself electronics

World of Heathkit do-it-yourself electronicsAll of man’s progress has stemmed from ideas, ideas held by men and women who pioneer new concepts.


LED Blitzer is a LED Blinker

LED Blitzer is a LED BlinkerThis strange circuit was in Openclipart i am not sure if it will work. Later i found


Electrical Symbols that you should Know

Found these in openclipart and wikipedia, A collection of basic electrical symbols you ought to know. You could use these symbols to

Electronic Circuits


DMM range and AC-DC mode Logic

This is the third circuit that you will need to build a Simple Benchtop DMM with no Microcontroller. Here the U1D and


Inverting Amplifier – Op-Amp Circuits

Input Impedance of this module is Ri as pin 2 is at virtual ground, the opamp with feedback tries to maintain pin


Power supply with battery backup – DMM

This is a simple charger circuit which will work for a light load like a DMM, the Battery can be a sealed


Single Polarity Power Supply

This circuit uses a PNP Power Transistor TIP2955, you can use any other according to your current and voltage requirement. Look at

How What Why


Digital Programmable Gain Amplifier

I read your post which is about, Digital gain control of Op-amp.  I have some questions to ask, if possible.  Please reply


Isolated Full-duplex Serial Interface

I would like to build Optoisolated RS232 interface. I’vesearched a little bit, and I came across your design:


Winding Insulation Resistance Measurement

I am working in power plant. we have a problem on one of gas generator. the problem is that low winding insulation


Power Oscillator Circuit Design

I am trying to find a circuit diagram for a long time, which will give me the o/p Characteristics as 12V, 0.5A

Olden Circuits


Archer Project Board Power Supply

This board provides 5 volt or 13.8 volt power. may be built up as a 5 v/13.8 v dual power supply. This


Level Meter Circuits SPM-3 WG

Here are three circuits from the manual. The design is entirely on discrete devices like transistors, diodes and zeners. Studying these designs


Diode Reverse Bias Leakage Tester

This is a Test arrangement for Leakage Testing of Diodes on Reverse Bias. The leakage current indicates the ability of the diode


Voltage Doublers and Multipliers

Voltage multipliers are used to obtain low current high voltage, from an existing AC Source. Step up transformers can be used, but