Power Oscillator Circuit Design


I am trying to find a circuit diagram for a long time, which will give me the o/p Characteristics as 12V, 0.5A & 4000 Hz (or variable frequency). Will you please help me in this regard? I will be very very thankful to you.

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First make an Oscillator and then Power Amplify it.

LM675 Power Operational Amplifier

“The LM675 is capable of delivering output currents in excess of 3 amps, operating at supply voltages of up to 60V. The device overload protection consists of both internal current limiting and thermal shutdown. The amplifier is also internally compensated for gains of 10 or greater. ”


Op Amp Booster Designs  PDF

“The design of booster stages which achieve power gain while maintaining good dynamic performance is a difficult challenge. The circuitry for boosters will change with the application’s requirements, which can be very diverse. A typical current gain stage is shown in Figure 1.”

12V, 0.5A & 4000 Hz (or variable frequency) is possible, very high frequencies difficult, for that you have to study RF behavior. Experiment from DC to 1 M Hz, no more with these circuits. 200/300 K Hz if you manage you learn’t something. Study pages, learn and try to build it yourself. These links are for learning.


I am extremely thankful to you for your precious reply for my mail. I have tried it to complete the circuit as per your suggestion, but the results are not as per the requirements. Here, I tell you the exact situation. Sir, I am working on the efficiency improvement of an alternator. for this reason I need a frequency generator circuit which will give me the o/p characteristics as 12V, 0.5A & variable frequency upto 4000Hz. The signal must be AC sine waveform. It can be applicable to inductive load. The i/p will be simply 230V AC. Will you please design a circuit for such requirements?

I am in great need of this. Please, I request you to design it. I will be very very thankful to you.

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For professional service, there will be design charge. Your reply will be posted. Anyone who can design this can comment here.

Unique IC Buffer Enhances Op Amp Designs, Tames Fast Amplifiers

A unity gain IC power buffer that uses NPN output transistors while avoiding the usual problems of quasi-complementary designs is described. F




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