Motorola Semiconductor Circuits Manual

Practical circuits with Power Semiconductors like Thyristors, SCR and Power Transistors. Designs of Bulb Dimmer, Motor Speed Control and Inverters. RF Transmitters.

This manual discusses some of the many practical circuits using power semiconductors. The circuits are intended to illustrate design principles and limitations of solid state devices . A broad frequency spectrum is covered . The devices include p-n junctions such as low current rectifiers, zener diodes and the new high current multicell rectifiers; p-n-p devices including large junction germanium power transistors suitable for motor control as well as the latest silicon epitaxial annular passivated RF amplifiers; PNPN silicon controlled rectifiers and gate control- led switches such as the steel can low-cost SCR; and completing the circle back to a p-n junction the varactor diode .



Product Design - Industrial Automation and Instrumentation.

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