110 Op-Amp Projects

Essentially a high-gain dc amplifier, with a high input and low output impedance, the modern op-amp has a multitude of practical applications both in the home and in industry. This handbook, which should prove valuable to the electronics hobbyist, student, and engineer alike, first outlines the essential characteristics of the op-amp, and then presents 110 highly useful projects — ranging from simple amplifiers to sophisticated instrumentation circuits.

All designs are based on internationally available components and have been fully evaluated. Concise and comprehensive operating principles are given with each circuit, and constructional notes have been added where necessary. – R. M. Marston

Of the many new semiconductor devices introduced to the electronics world in the past decade, one of the most important and versatile is a device known as the operational amplifier, or ‘op-amp. The modern op-amp is a high-gain d.c. differential amplifier, having a high input and low output impedance, and is readily available in integrated circuit form. They have a multitude of applications in the home and in industry, and can readily be used as the basis of a host of a.c. and d.c. amplifiers, instrumentation circuits, oscillators, tone generators, and sensing circuits, etc.



Product Design - Industrial Automation and Instrumentation.

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