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Hypersonic Speakers – Acoustic Heterodyning


i have been searching for any technical help regarding my project, hypersonic speakers,but my efforts were in vain. hypersonic speakers are interesting to work upon. kindly guide if if you have any knowledge regarding the topic. Mail from GA

This looks like something from the “Believe it or not”, I cannot understand it well, but logging it here. – delabs

What Are Some Woody Norris Successes?


Hypersonic Sound: Sound From Thin AirMix two signals in a nonlinear medium and you’ll end up with four – two at the original frequencies….

“Acoustic heterodyning can be created by a single transducer or by a pair of transducers. A single transducer would be fed a signal at a “carrier frequency” and a second signal that would provide the desired (audible) difference frequencies when mixed with the carrier. If a pair of transducers were used, one would operate at the carrier frequency and the second at a frequency required to produce the desired output.

If the carrier frequency of the transducer were 200 kHz, an upward swing of 20 kHz – or just 10 percent – would cover the entire audio range. In theory, this should result in a response that is virtually flat across the audio range – something that no speaker”

Hypersonic Sound speakers are like Invisible headphones.

Sound technology turns the way you hear on its earWoody Norris, inventor of ultrasound technology,

Acoustical Society of America Lay Paper on Hypersonic Sound:

HyperSonic Sound HSS from American Technology Corporation employs ultrasonics to create audible sound in the air. It works by using harmless ultrasonic tones that we can’t hear

More from Woody NorrisHyperSonic Sound. speaker

“With conventional speakers, the sound is projected by moving the air containing the sound waves against a cone moving back and forth inside the box. But with Woody’s speakers, it’s a process that happens in the air itself. Sound is beamed at the wall and it comes off the wall where it is imbedded on top of the ultrasound. A process that happens in the air unimbeds it, or demodulates the two, so in essence, the room in which you are using the speakers is, itself, the speaker box. “

 Meet Woody Norris


Thanks for your reply for hypersonic speakers , but sir i am unable to have any positive feed backs as far as its making is concerned, i have contacted hypersonic industries also in this context, but they want me to buy a unit. i will see what i can do. thank you once again for your help.

Reply from GA

I dont know if this idea is good for college projects, but you can buy a Hypersonic Speaker and demonstrate an application in automation.




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