Flashing LEDs Electronic Kit


Flashing LEDs Electronic Kit

– ApogeeKits created the Flashing LED’s electronic kit AMK102B as an entry level introduction to electronic kit building. This kit includes a completely illustrated instructions and circuit schematic. Components are adequately spaced for easy assembly and value identification on the board.

Flashing LEDs Electronic Kit

The circuit board has silk screened outlines for component placement and circuit pads on the solder side of the board are large and well spaced for easy soldering. Even the component mounting holes are plated through, making it easier to solder good connections and greatly reducing the odds of causing board damage in the event that a component placement correction might be required.

Two variable resistors (pots) allow independent adjustment of the flash timing of each LED. Rotate the pots counter-clockwise for slower LED flashing, or clockwise to flash the LED’s faster.Flashing LED’s electronic kit AMK102B makes a great introduction to astable multivibrator oscillators.

flashing-led-man flashing-LEDs flashing-LEDs-circuit.gif

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