Lead Acid Batteries FAQ


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The Lead Acid Batteries are used in Automobiles and UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supplies. Battery Banks and Arrays are used in Home and Industrial Power Systems with Solar and Wind power charging too.

Chargers & ChargingBattery Management

These batteries have survived many other types, for rugged high power usage, even beyond 100Kva. It is all the more important for us, to learn how to use them properly. Intelligent charge controllers and charge-discharge cycle regulating managers, will ensure a long lifespan for optimum cost-effective usage of this Electro-Chemical Wonder.


Comparing marine batteries Gel, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), flooded lead acid

“While I was on a month long assignment in Washington DC in 1999, I read an article on battery management in the 1999 Ocean Navigator “Annual” issue that I thought was deeply flawed. The contributor, Chuck Husick, illustrated how he thought one should maintain and configure a marine battery system.”

 Shown above is a Sealed Lead Acid Batter from Power Sonic Corporation (Europe)