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Electronic Circuit and Product Design

delabs can design the Electronic Circuit and PCB if you have a Product Idea and Plan made. Tech Questions, Design Service - delabs Service Form

If you need a circuit, product or a solution designed as per your exact specifications, delabs can help you with your Firm's EE Project or Idea. Chat with delabs or Request a Solution here - delabs Contact Form.

Product Design

delabs offers the following support and service.

  • Product Feasibility study and Component Sourcing.
  • Knowledge and Technical Information Support.
  • Circuit and Product, design and development.
  • Product Engineering and Testing Support.

delabs support includes circuit design and related documents. PCB Design, Prototypes and Firmware development is also done in some cases. delabs does not undertake Consumer Electronic Projects.

Service Charges for documentation, email support etc. will be charged depending on time and effort involved.

Custom Design

delabs can Design or Develop, Custom Electronic Products. Here the design IP - Intellectual Property will be private. The design charges will be more and the rights to that particular configuration will belong to the serviced firm or customer.

delabs works on Industrial, Instrumentation, T&M and R&D Equipment Areas only. The Product Prototype will be made by delabs with the active support of the customer. 

The terms for that will be sent by email on request, after the Design Discussion.

delabs shall not accept projects or orders, that may be in conflict with similar projects done earlier for other firms.

Open Design

delabs Open Design Service - This work is done at a lower design service cost, as it can be reused by others and benefits in the the Education of the EE community.

Limited but Free tech email support at Circuits FAQ.

Support delabs

delabs is made of a few tech websites online. delabs provides many circuits and documents as a source of Technical Reference. They are free for the use in education, research or experimentation.

delabs plans to add more useful circuits, ideas and documents.  Learn more about delabs at the Help & FAQ page.

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22nd Jan 2022

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delabs design Ideas

Here is a summary of design ideas and basic learning for Electronic Enthusiasts. Mainly from my Amps-n-Volts Email Newsletter that was popular around 2002.

Whatever be the specs, design or simulation ... nothing like a 3D working prototype being tested by the customer in his environment. So do not go into volume production till such a test is done.

Quality: cost effective design, quality components, quality workmanship with good testing can result in a quality product. The packaging and production engineering too is important.

Do not mix mechanical and electrical connections, these leads to failures and frequent need of repairs and service. In industrial electronics equipment, connectors are a source of many problems, hence avoid connectors. vibrations, corrosion and frequent usage will result in strange problems.

High voltage or current stress, mechanical vibration, user misuse, High Energy stress (freq and voltage), aging (cycles) cause failure.

When we draw circuits we have to keep in mind the readability, the circuit should be laid out according to the signal flow, the input output ports shown in the periphery of circuit.

The Contact resistance of connectors, thermocouple effects in connectors and solder joints and thermal gradients over the PCB can cause errors when you measure in high resolution.

Selecting the parts for your product design, choosing the components intelligently is a part of Product Design Engineering. Budget, Availability, Size, Alternate Vendors, Product Life and Quantity to be manufactured are some factors that determine the selection by a prudent and experienced design professional.

Some EMI-RFI causes are - Switching Loads Simultaneously (inductive loads). Power factor correction capacitors and devices. Lightning strikes (enhanced by earth faults). Line Inductance (inductive kickback, resonance). DC and AC Drives for Motors. Rectifiers with large filters and stray inductance.

more at Basic Electronics and Circuit Design

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