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Simple Test Equipment 

I am listing some basic circuits here to build a Hobby Workbench. Test Instruments and Tools for the Hobby and DIY People. Troubleshoot projects that have become unresponsive.

The circuits above are in html format with the circuits in jpeg within the pages, but may not be complete, but you may get ideas, i even don't remember if they worked properly.

Electrometer, Gauss Meter and EMF Meter

In the digital potentiometer, connect pushbutton switches to fast and slow with one end to +7.5V, when you hold the button down the analog voltage will ramp up-down, fast or slow, this will enable you to make a digitally controlled millivolt source or power supply.

I did make a  millivolt source with this and it still works after 15 years. Some ideas used in this i got from a magazine elektor and some learning i got from another mag Radio Electronics.

Amp Hour Meter using LM331 and 74C926

Nixie Tubes were the Earliest form of Digital Displays, Electromechanical Counters also had Numerical  Displays and Clocks made from that. Nixie came later and was used in Early Frequency Counters and Multimeters. A Direct descendent of this was the Vacuum fluorescent display.

OscilloScopes for the DIY Enthusiast 

Vacuum fluorescent display in VCR

Vacuum fluorescent display in

Some may Remember the Very Old Texas Instruments Calculators with Hard Clicking Keys. They had these Displays too. These are very Bright and Visible in Sunlight too. A Pleasure to watch.

Electronic Projects of Roanld

NIXIE II A Talking NIXIE Alarm Clock! This Nixie Alarm clock will wake you up with a personal wake-up message or sound. A "wav" file stored in EPROM is played using only a few counters and a DA converter.

The ÁSCOPE - Undoubtedly s'worlds smallest and simplest oscilloscope! An 8 pins PIC processor samples the analog input signal and generates a (PAL) video signal which shows the waveform on a normal television set.

More Enchanting Nixie Tube Images

Elegant Nixie Tube                Nixie
                                            Counter Animation            

Nixie clock made by an unknown enthusiast. I put it here as it is very impressive and nostalgic too


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