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EE design resources around the globe, related to Professional and Hobby Electronics. A Resource page recording some useful resources and sites in the Internet. The resources are useful for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production.

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DIY Circuits & Projects

Electronics Hobby or DIY Electronics and Electronic Engineering Design go hand in hand.

Many inventions, discoveries and improvements in this technology has been done by Non-Engineers who acquired skills and built firms that created many positions for engineers to work in. Hobby Electronics is the first step in EE Education. Ham Radio Enthusiasts improved the Communication Awareness and Science of RF Circuits.

  • FC's Cirkits - Forrest Cook, Ham Radio, Solar Power, FM Radio Circuits. 
  • Aaron Cake - Laser, computer, projects, symbol reference, solder, desolder.

Electronic Resource

EE Resources

Electronics Design

Communication Systems are built on Embedded Systems. In every niche of electronics, Microcontrollers, SoC and DSPs have become indispensable.

In 2015 i have even begun to see Touch Screen based Test Instruments. Virtual Instruments in Small Devices like Tablet Computers are a Reality today. Industrial Process Monitoring has become easy using Tablets, thanks to the Web you can watch the Production and Process Lines from Home.


Basic Engineering

Understanding the behavior of Electronic Components. Learning the usage of Mechanical Tools and Equipment to build or manufacture Electronic Products or Prototypes. Mastering the use of the Test Bench and Test Instruments like the Scope and DMM. All these constitute the total skill set in electronics. EDA tools and ASIC design Software are very important to create, develop, simulate and verify Circuit Design and Chip Design. Using these software will need skills in Programming and also being astute in Math.
  • Projects of Ronald - Simple Oscilloscope, Nixie Tube Projects, Many Types of Clocks, Valve Tube circuit Ideas.
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