Ultra Sound Sender Detecter Diagram


I am a University Physics technical staff member and I am searching a Diagram and full detals about Ultra sound detecter (Sender & receiver & Detecter). It must be arround (Detecting range ) 1.2 MHz. This is for the student practical activities.

Pl help me if you have any information. This will be a gratefull help to the students for their studings.

Mail from PBG Sri Lanka

See an earlier post – Ultrasonic distance measurement if i find more it will be added here Ultrasound Have a look at all links below, that might help

Ultrasonic Sound

“Sounds in the range 20-100kHz are commonly used for communication and navigation by bats, dolphins, and some other species. Much higher frequencies, in the range 1-20 MHz, are used for medical ultrasound.”


4QD-TEC: Ultrasonics: remote control and Intruder detector – These ultrasonic circuits are all quite old: my notes date them at mid-70s so … The last circuit is an ultrasonic preamp with a twin T feedback to make it …

Schematics Depot ™ – ultrasonic switch circuit – The ultrasonic receiver circuit uses an ultrasonic receiver transducer to sense ultrasonic signals. It also uses a two-stage amplifier, a rectifier stage, …

Silicon Chip Online – Circuit Notebook – Besides being used as a Bat Detector, the circuit could also be used as a simple tool to indicate frequency, to find tyre punctures (which emit ultrasound), …

Ultrasonic (Ultrasound) Electronic Circuits – Ultrasonic (Ultrasound) Circuits




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