Speed control with TDA1085 – PCBWay

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Speed control with TDA1085 - PCBWay

Speed control “Optima” on the TDA1085 chip

2 Layers PCB 68 x 99 mm FR-4, 1.6 mm, 1, HASL with lead, Green Solder Mask, White silkscreen.- Basic controls on TDA1085 chip speed are used to work with the commutator motor of washing machines from 220 volts. All of these engines are equipped with tachosensor. But there are many collector engines of various capacities around the same voltage.

Changes – Added a trimmer R19 “Accelerate” for a small acceleration changes at a speed adjustment; add contacts to the power terminals to be able to connect a separate rotor and stator windings, in this case, simplified organization of reverse, although the possibility remains of old connection – made electrically isolated from the 220 volt output of the tachogenerator for measuring engine speed, if necessary; – as a simple regulator there is an opportunity (worth connector) for connection of the external indication LED power + 15V.

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