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Speech Recorder and Sound Syntheizer


I needed some help with available ics to build a small sound recorder able to hold about 120 seconds of audio, preferebly voice. I managed to find one that uses an ISD25xx series ic, which is not available within this region.

mail from RT

Look at these pages……

Speech recognition using HM2007

“Isolated speech recognition systems can just handle words that are spoken separately. This is the most common speech recognition systems available today.”


Paradoxical Sound Syntheizer

“The main property of paradoxical sounds is that their frequency do not change when you go an octave higher. This property is achieved thanks to an appropriate spectrum modelling.”

A Digital Speech Synthesizer, the S3610 LPC-10

“Such sound-storing and playback chips are known as digital synthesizers, and they have been around since 1978, when Texas Instruments introduced the first single-chip speech synthesizer. TI’s creation was first used in a company product called “Speak and Spell” – a toy that caused quite a stir and became very popular.”




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