HV and Jacobs Ladder or Climbing Arc


I mess with HV stuff and recently I went to adjust my Jacobs ladder with it still switch on I griped  each leg of the ladder with my hands . I had a zap  5Kv at 100mA up my arms and across my chest   Why it did not Kill me is beyond my understanding as it is 3 times the accepted lethal power I have made several changes to the set up now including a physical barrier to the wire legs to prevent a re-occurrence

I will not let my 4 year old Grand son play with the above wooden toy pole pig and helical Jacobs ladder either – I promise

JAH from USA

James Howells Spark

delabs Reply and Notes

i would be glad if you move away from high-voltage to high-current or online education, your experience may be useful to many.  as far as your survival from the zap, it is the grace of god indeed. do not press your luck too far, even god is very stressed right now.

The zap takes the shortest path, left hand to right leg, right hand to left leg 100mA can be fatal. If you were wet or sweating, then the surface of the body provides a safer path. Use silicone gloves and good shoes.  Only a Knight in Shining Armour is safe, not for his chivalry but for his conductive coating.

Additional Information about Safety with Electricity

Never use Smartphone or Tablet while charging (Near Sensitive Ear or Face). You may get electric shock or lightning discharge leaks. Use Surge protected Switchboards and Isolation Transformers or CVT. The mild shock due to Y caps of EMI filters is not a danger.  If the mains adapter you buy is low quality or there is a freak breakdown, you had it.

The risk is greater when a high voltage leak happens near the ear or face. and Metal parts of the phone gets close to the ear or neck is unsafe. The head and neck have very low resistance and can be damaged with much less Fatal Current.

Use total plastic exterior phones/tablets, wear shoes and use the speakerphone option when you talk/use while charging.




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