Archer Project Board Power Supply

This board provides 5 volt or 13.8 volt power. may be built up as a 5 v/13.8 v dual power supply. This board has LM317 and make a nice Laboratory bench supply.

Thanks to Tandy Corporation for making such instructive kits which helped in the learning of Electronics of an entire generation.  If you are a Teen you need to ask your Grandfather about these Excellent kits.

This project is practical even today as a Test bench Power supply. You may have old parts in your garage or free tickets to Premium Holiday Flea markets. There may be a Electronics Surplus Store or even a Junkyard of Electronic Gadgets and Gizmos. Get the Transformer and boxes from these Treasure dumps and build it. Recycle and Repair is Green and will Keep our Milky Way an Intergalactic Tourist Attraction.

Incidentally do you own a Metal Detector?

archer-project-lm317-0.jpg diodes-layout-1.jpg

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