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Two questions on Ramp Generators –  I need a circuit design for a ramp generator. The ramp generator circuit that I’m looking for is a 1khz ramp generator capable of + to -50 v at 50m using a microprocessor with digital to analogue converter and output reconstruction filter followed by a high voltage operational amplifier.

The generator is going to be used for RFA (retarding field analysers) on plasmas.

Mail from MF of UK

I need a circuit design for a ramp generator. The ramp generator circuit that I’m looking for has put out a linear time varying positive voltage from 0 to +10 volts and needs a ramp time of 45 minutes. So from 0-10 volts in a 45 minute time frame. Maybe also a reset switch to reset the timer again. Can this be done? Please advise. Thank You

Mail from JA

Can you tell me in what application or how you plan to use it. Then i can probably help you better or make a circuit for you. there are many ways to do it. one is a constant current source charging a capacitor. or a staircase generator with a D-A and counter. send me more details.

4QD-TEC: Waveform generator circuits

This circuit was used as a ramp generator for a transistor curve tracer: the positive going ramp was used for testing NPN transistors and the negative ramp for testing PNP transistors.

Triangle Signal Generators

The first circuit produces a clean 2.5v reference voltage.  The second is configured as a classic multivibrator oscillator, whose frequency can be changed using a variable resistor.


Precision Triangular-Wave Generator Uses a Single IC

“This application note outlines the implementation of a single-supply, triangular wave oscillator using the MAX9000 and some passive components. The application circuit uses an op amp, comparator, and a voltage reference as active building blocks. The MAX9000 is chosen because it integrates these three components. ”





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