Hobby Diy Oscilloscope


Is it good as a (beginner) hobbyist to crave for an oscilloscope.  mail from EA

This scope will work from your PC Audio Card or Sound Card. You First need to build the circuit below and connect it to Line-in of Sound Card.

xoscope for Linux

xoscope is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card or EsounD and/or a ProbeScope/osziFOX and will soon support Bitscope hardware. Includes 8 signal displays, variable time scale, math, memory, measurements, and file save/load.


Zelscope Sound card oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer – Windows software that converts your PC into a dual-trace storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. It uses your computer’s sound card as analog-to-digital converter, presenting a real-time waveform or spectrum of the signal.

Scope2k4 The affordable PC based oscilloscope The TLC 549 ic is an integrated AD converter made by Texas Instruments. It has a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI-interface compatible) for the output of the digital data. This interface makes the converter very suitable for easy access through the printer port. The reference voltage of the converters I use is +5.0 Volt. Look in the datasheets to see which input reference ranges can be used.

Digital PC Oscilloscope – Our group decided to pick the Personal Computer Oscilloscope because it sounded very interesting to approach. We also felt it would help us in understanding many aspects of hardware and software interfacing. We also wanted to do something that we felt was consumer electronic related to the current market and was interesting in working with.


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