Graphic Equalizer Circuits


plz send me sound equalizer circuits. – email by AH …. Look in y sites, many pages to see, and the navigation for all the pages is at bottom of every page. anyway, or use our search engine.


10 Band Graphic Equalizer (sam)

“The circuit of graphic equalizer, allocates ten adjusting potesometer , that each one from them affects in a predetermined area of frequencies, the central frequency of which abstains a octave (double), from the central frequencies of her neighbouring regions.”

3 Band graphic equalizer (andy)

This circuit is similar to ones that used to come in Philips audio books, so try this first. Now to design your own, learn the technique here …

“Using a single op-amp this easy to make equalizer offers three ranges, low frequency,mid frequency,and high.”

7 band Audio Graphic Equaliser

“The details shown are for a 7 band but the principle can be extended to almost any number of bands – if you can find accurate enough components.”




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