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Hall Effect Water Meter System


I have 36 water meters below ground level which are exposed to intermittent flooding and located throughout a four acre property. I would like to relocate the meter heads to a central location for ease of reading and protection from flooding. The heads can be removed and are coupled to the base by a magnetic pulse generated by a rotating disk in the base.

A Hall effect sensor would pickup the pulse, amplified as required to drive a coil ( off the shelf choke ? ) that would pulse the meter head at the central location. A conduit runs from the central location to each meter for wires to be run, as few as necessary please. the nearest meter is 60 feet away the farthest is 700 feet away. Please email me for additional info and terms.

Thanks! EH USA  – Email got 2007

This mail was not resolved by me due to a break in communications. I also feel this is a interesting system that can be solved by Wireless Device Networking like WSN – Wireless Sensor networks.

Here is a very old website which has shown home automation interfaces.


Water Meter Monitor – Revisited

“After I received the sensor, some experimentation showed that it would certainly detect the spinning magnetic field of the water meter. See the plot below. It shows actually two ‘dips’ per revolution of the magnetic drive.

This implies that there are two spinning magnets, each negative dip being a separate magnet. The peak-to-peak amplitude is about 0.1V. Based on the sensitivity of the meter (1V=1.6 Gausss), the amplitude of the magnetic field at the perimeter of the water meter is 0.16 Gauss.”

– Edward Cheung



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