Drive or Fire Thyristors SCR with Pulses


message: Hi, i’m looking at building a power supply 0-35v ,0-100A adjustable cv and cc. I stumbled across your circuit drive-scr-thyristor-with-555 is there a link to describe what phase logic is required to complete the basic design ?

What would the cost be to supply me a working design based on thyristor control ? my use is for electroplating, i’m not trade, but an enthusiastic amateur Kind regards

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I will not be able to supply prototypes or make one for you. I could help with the system design. Electroplating Systems can be made with Thyristors or MOSFETS.

Thyristors, SCR, Triacs are driven by Pulses. The pulses must have adequate current and voltage levels. This depends on the Power of the device and see in the specs.

Unlike Power Transistors that need continuous bias to keep it ON, these devices just need to be Fired and may need a Isolation Pulse Transformer too. MOSFETS may need a continuous bias and very less drive current, but the ON pulse must overcome the gate capacitance.




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