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Interactive Tutorials on Digital Electronics

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Digital Tutorials
These were tutors which i made around 1999, these are interactive and started with basic JavaScript and CSS. You can operate the controls and see the Truth Table and Results in LED Displays. Controls include DIP Switches and Push Buttons.

Here is a good book to start learning - CMOS Mixed-Signal Circuit Design - R Jacob Baker

See a Tutor on Digital Numbers - Binary and Hex Numbers see a Basic Digital Product here, made of Cmos chips - Simple Digital Event Counter. These technologies have been replaced by the uC systems.

Both CMOS or uC counting systems are susceptible to spikes, EMI and power jerks. A Solenoid valve operating nearby can reset a CMOS counter or Hang up a uC based Counter. The uC based system needs a watchdog and good EMI safegaurds. The CMOS systems just needs a good supply and isolated input/outputs.

See here a 555 watchdog for uC and uP systems.

Interactive Tutorials on Digital Electronics

Digital circuits have to have a nice 0.1uF cap at the head of each IC. Decoupling. I/O isolation, no ground loops. Excellent EMI RFI immunity. Power Supply with Capacitor Bank or battery to combat Blackouts and Brownouts. See my answers to a problem here-  RS Latch Erroneously setting by Itself.

The CD40xx CMOS family can work at even 3V-9V-12V DC and consume low power. The speed is not as fast as 74xx TTL family. It is good for simple portable battery powered circuits. The 74HCTxx series is good for low power and high speed but will work at 5V. When you have problems interfacing CMOS and TTL use 74HCTxx family.

Amps-n-Volts Notes Corrected Improved

Amps-n-Volts eMag Near 2001 i started sharing my learning and experience in Electronics Engineering on Blogs and Newsletters. One of the Successful eMag and electronic email magazine ran for five years. It has listed my jots and notes in pages, designs and the brain accumulated for more than two decades.

 Amps-n-Volts Notes Corrected

Learning the way Electronic Things Behave

Some of these points may be repeated and some not relevant in the present technical engineering scenario. As issues may have been set right, years back.

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