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Ohms Law - Amps Volts Watts Relation

The most important Electrical Law is the Ohms Law, a proper understanding of which can help you make many designs. Troubleshooting Home Appliances or understanding Household Wiring is easy if you master this.

You can Understand Electricity best with the Water flow analogy. Volts Amps and Watts are the main parameters that are measured and displayed in most control panels. Electricity, Energy and Power Systems use Digital Panel Meters to display and control these.

Learn by building a Voltage Level Indicator.

Volts is analogous to the pressure of a water in an Overhead Tank. The water head or height is like Voltage. The Pipe diameter and bends are like wire and its resistance, a water tap like a wirewound potentiometer. The rate of water flowing from the tap is like the flow of electric current in a wire.

Ohms Law - Amps
                        Volts Watts

The water drops are similar to units of charge, the quantity of water filled in a bucket is like the amount of charge stored in a small capacitor. The Underground Sump can be compared to a Big capacitor. The evaporation of water is like leakage of charge thru the dielectric in a cap.

Riedon - High Precision Resistors at EC Blog

If you use the running water to power a home made paddle wheel turbine; This is like simulating an electric motor or heater in a water circuit, the rotary power got, can be analogous to the heater's watts.

Learn more at my schematic of Ohmmeter to measure Resistance.

Ohms Law

W / I

root(W * R)

V / R

root(W / R)

I * R





W / V

V / I





V * I

W / (I * I)

(V * V) / W

(V * V) / R

I * I * R