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Mini RTD Pt-100 Three Wire Transmitter

These are the circuits and boards of a Mini Temperature Transmitter for a Platinum hundred ohms temperature Sensor. Has a 4-20mA sink output. Current Loop can be used for multiple instruments.

The customer wanted a two wire system, this needs low power opamps which were ten times the price. If this transmitter works at 3mA it could have been two wire. Those parts were in short supply and the budget of customer was low. So i made it with regular opamps but three wire. The customer was satisfied as he got a cost effective solution. But now the situation of markets and products are different.

How to Connect RTD to transmitter

If you need to transmit the temperature from a high voltage area or toxic environment. You will need to hermetically seal the transmitters, convert the Voltage to frequency, frequency to IR LED flashes or RF. This can be then remotely monitored.

Mini RTD Pt-100 Three
                        Wire Transmitter

Then the transmitter has to be battery-solar operated, low power too. ICL7135 is a simple solution. It has a serial output that can be used to Drive IR Leds. Remotely sense these flashes in a Micro-controller and you have a reading. You may be able to use optic-fibers too. Where volatile liquids are present so that the risks of sparks can be eliminated.

PNG-Schematic,     PDF-Circuit,    PCB - DT  L1  L2  SS  SM
Mini RTD Pt-100 Three Wire Transmitter - del30005

The PNGs of PCB is 600dpi 16 color. It is to be scaled appropriately.

This is the same Mini RTD Pt-100 Transmitter but in its case. Encapsulated in epoxy, hermetically sealed against harsh industrial environment. This will work well even near fumes of Ammonia with no corrosion. But not near vapors which can be ignited by sparking as terminals are still open. The side view shows zero and full scale ten turn bourns trimpots heads, for calibration. After cal it can be sealed with RTV compound.

RTD and Connections - Mini 3W 4-20mA transmiter

Wiring of another K Type Transmitter shown here.|

Termination -

Input : Thermocouple - 4 + T/C and 5 - T/C  --- Output : 4-20mA DC - 1 + I and 2 - I
Supply : 24V DC - 7 + V and 8 - V --- Unconnected terminals - Floating. 3 and 6