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Build a DMM or Digital Multi Meter

The indispensable Digital MultiMeter DMM:

Moving Coil Voltmeters, Ammeters and Resistance Bridge were combined to make AVO Meters a field instrument. They were used alongside hand cranked meggers, current-potential transformers. Valve based Electronic Instrumentation with Nixie Tube Displays cannot be forgotten, taking readings from nixie tube displays can be more satisfying than reading a plain LCD. The Vacuum Florescent 7 segment display array was popular till very recent times in some cash registers, calculators.

DMM or Digital Multi Meter

Talking of cash registers read this story ...

"Busicom (Nippon Calculating Machine Corp changed its name to Business Computer Corporation) was a Japanese company that owned the rights to the first microprocessor but sold them back to Intel."

                                      MultiMeter - DMM

 "The 4004 is the first computer processor designed and manufactured by chip maker Intel, which previously made semiconductor memory chips. The chief designers of the chip were Federico Faggin... and Ted Hoff ... and Masatoshi Shima of Busicom.."

Mooshimeter - Smartphone DMM

Then came Semiconductor Transistor Multimeters with a Moving coil display, after that arrived LED Display based Benchtop Semi-Portable DMM, which were "IC" Technology.  These consumed more power and big in size. Now you have CMOS, LSI and ASIC based DMM which are light, small and batteries last longer too.

Bluetooth Multimeter

PC based Virtual DMM, Voltage modules for PLC or ATE and Wireless or optic Voltage Transmitters are new and advanced form of Electrical Parameter Measurement and Recording.

It would be splendid if some firm developed a kit or App for measurement in portable computers.

Source Files for above DMM Project 20008.zip20009.zip20010.zip20011.zip20012.zip20013.zip20014.zip20015.zip20016.zip.

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