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Microcomputer Circuits in Process Control

Embedded Process Control :

Process Control with Embedded Systems. Microcontroller circuits with Analog to Digital Interface used in Industrial Automation. Microcontrollers are versatile for process control instrumentation, The Instruments need to be small and power efficient, they have to be immune to electrically noisy environments.

Microcontroller and SBC in Real World

When such a instrument is mounted close to big machines, it has to be resistant to vibration failure due to harmonics.  When it is used in ships or chemical industries, they need to be corrosion resistant. This makes Industrial Instruments a challenge to design, as the reliability is next only to Medical and Military instrumentation.

In applications like data loggers, scanners and PID Controllers; Microcontrollers are inevitable. The analog  and digital counterparts that were built years back were difficult to maintain and very big in size. With a uC  a 48 x 48 1/16 - DIN PID Box is possible, as shown here Newport Autotune PID.

Embedded Systems in Instrumentation

Microcomputer Circuits in
                                      Process Control

Here is a controller from omega that uses the power of uC. You will notice the controls and display are easily possible as it is an embedded system. Temperature Controllers Autotune Fuzzy Logic

The math needed for PID or Fuzzy self learning logic or Auto Tune makes uC indispensible. Configuring above using Digital, Analog and Mixed chips would make it 10 times the size of a uC system.

Modular Automation like PLC uses many uCs.  There are Multiplexers, Analog and digital modules controlled by uC.  Modern Computer based SCADA have wireless interfaces and transmitters using uC based intelligent circuits. 

Cooking Physical Computing Applications

A Software Computing Application in an embedded system or computer with associated hardware and devices to Sense Real world Parameters with Sensors and Switches as Inputs. React, Control, Display or Operate using Displays, Lights and Actuators as Outputs. Interact, Network and collabaorate with other such systems too. Robotics and Mechatronics are its main branches. It overlaps on Industrial and Home Automation too.



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