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Power Electronic Circuits

Basic Power Supply Designs

AC and DC voltage Regulators, Battery Backup Power Supplies. Battery Chargers, UPS and Inverters. Dual regulated Power Supplies. 5V and 12V Regulators. Benchtop Power Supplies.

Interactive Power Electronics Seminar - Learn more about Power Design before you build circuits.

These are different types of power circuits, do a design review, correct the errors and use them. I improve and update some on user requests.

Some of the circuits were not corrected after the product was made, some are concepts which were not completed. So understand and build. I will be gald if you improve the circuit, the improved version and your details can be published here. 

All power supplies can be modified as chargers - Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries

Benchtop Power Supply

Here is a German Benchtiop or Lab Power Supply. It has a neat Voltmeter and Ammeter. It is a Smoothly Variable Regulated DC Power Supply. The Voltage Potentiometer control is below the On-Off Power Switch. It is most likely a Linear design without Switching at high frequencies.

The Red+ and Black- are clearly kept at a distance to prevent strands of wires from sparking. The Ammeter has a dial that has Yellow and Red at the end, this means the load is drawing more current, power, amps, watts...It could be a short circuit! Smoke, Sparks, Smell, Something is Heating or Burning? It could be a Motor running at full speed too! - This Panel design is an example of Simplicity and High Usability.

Lean how to use LEDs - Using LEDs with Battery Power

                                      Power Supply

This certainly has Voltage Regulation and variable control but that is the CV mode or constant voltage. The CC mode or constant current may be absent. This protects the supply from overload and short circuit. The 0-20V is the Variable voltage range. The 5/8A may mean 5A Nominal or continuous. 8A Max limit.

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