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Mixed and Interface Circuits

Mixed and Interface Circuits :

Most of the sensor interface and instrument inputs are analog; even if it event based like a limit switch, analog circuit protection and signal conditioning is required before it reaches the level sensitive digital circuit blocks.

Starting with Schmitt triggers and to the VCO and A-D Converters, are grades of Mixed Circuits. I feel Comparators like LM339, Timers like the 555 and Phase Locked Loop PLL are fundamental mixed circuits as they have a analog voltage detection. Even Multiplexers and D to A Convertors can be in Mixed.

System-on-Chip - SoC - IP

Mixed Signal SoC and Asic

Close-up of the Ainol Hero 10 II PCB showing the Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 SoC ASIC and the ATC2603A Mixed Signals ASIC.

Mixed Signal SoC and Asic

Advanced Mixed Design

DSP and uC with built in A-D or D-A or even SOC are Public ASICs and Fall in the Embedded Systems Block. Public ASICs are not user specific, they can be branded, numbered and provided with Application notes for the use of the Design Departments of any firm. User Specific ASICs are custom built and have only an application with that manufacturer for a Specific Product type. This also protects the IP of Code and Device Design. Custom ASICs are limited to the Platform and Technologies for which they were designed.  Then we have programmable and configurable chips other than uC for logic like PLD, CPLD, FPGA and SOC, there is even some talk of mixed or analog configurable chips.

Intersil Hot Ideas 1983 Mixed CMOS Revolution

It would be nice if they made a breadboard chip with 12 opamps, 24 comparators, Some PLD and a couple of uC. Then we certainly need software trimmable or tweakable Resistors and Trimpots.  This is the Magnum Opus of EDA. A EDA Chip Printer may be coming soon ! (Affordable by small firms).

Mixed Circuits and Communication

Mixed Circuits find major application in Digital Communication. Modulation and Demodulation was first done like in AM or Amplitude Modulation a completely Analog Technology. Digital methods are far more advanced and complicated and are built into most everything you see today.

Sine Wave Modulation - Modulation helps throw information, data or music-video into far distances. This makes things like Radio and TV possible. Even these are moving fast into the Digital Domain.

Sine Wave Modulation

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